Helping You Recapture Enthusiasm, Creativity, and a Competitive Edge

Helping You Recapture Enthusiasm, Creativity, and a Competitive Edge

Helping You Recapture Enthusiasm, Creativity, and a Competitive Edge

Why Consider Me as Your Coach?

Current economic conditions have organizations scrambling to find ways to cut costs. But now is actually the perfect time to invest in services that will help you work smarter instead of just harder. Executive and team coaching can help you do just that. Lean times give us the opportunity to find creative and collaborative solutions by tapping into our innate creativity and wisdom.

Hello, I’m Jim Moore and for over 25 years I have been helping individuals and teams discover and leverage their unique strengths; advancing careers and team performance beyond what was previously imagined possible.Call me at 972-467-6773 to discuss a complimentary, no obligation coaching test drive. Or email me to discuss if I am a good fit for you and/or your team. I guarantee you will benefit from the free coaching test drive…even if I only coach you that one time. Give it a try. You’ll see!

Coaching is as Close as Your Telephone

Regularly scheduled telephone-coaching sessions are helping executives and aspiring leaders around the world build a path to success without the high cost of travel or absence from the office. My job is to help transform today’s managers into tomorrow’s leaders, today’s leaders into superstars, and teams into world class. It is great to have an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy coach in your corner.

Team Coaching typically requires an initial and occasional in person meeting. I will work with you to make this possible.


A standard individual coaching package includes four 55 minute sessions per month; with email correspondence and occasional phone calls as necessary. I ask for a minimum three month commitment, as it is frequently after the first few sessions that improvements and the acceleration of growth begin to skyrocket. A standard three month package is priced at $1,875, or $625 per month.

Team Coaching and consulting services are priced according to mutually agreed upon objectives and scope.

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